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Late Breaking News

04 June 1999 (Friday)
16:15- FuN domain G-Lined

Unfortunately, our domain that the main crew of FuN resides on, is G-Lined from QuakeNet IRC.
That means that we cannot connect to IRC until this Ban is lifted, witch should be around the Year of 2010.
Since our domain is our property, i've initiated contacts per mail with IRC ops on QuakeNet to solve our problems, hopefully we will to.
The reason for the ban is still unknown, but we have suspicios thoughts about an Eggdrop bot that some less initiated person here where trying to run on this machine, measurements have been taken about that too, i'm sure it won't happen again.

I'll keep you all informed

- Awful

26 May 1999 (Wednesday)
14:01 - Nice poll
Okej, you've looked at my nice pictures, now submit to the poll. It's nothing serious, but it'll give a little hint about how many people visit here (as I didn't already know that). Whatever :-)
- Haywire

16 May 1999 (Sunday)
17:19 - Q3 is here to stay!
Well, as you might see there hasn't been any "BIIG" changes on this site. No surprise there, but we have an excuse; we're ofcourse busy playing Q3test! :-)
However, to keep you update-greedy people happy(?), I've taken some nice screenshots for you to look at, enjoy!
- Haywire

22 Jan 1999 (Friday)
10:20 - Are we alive?
Wheeee!!!! Moved this site to a brand new server, an Apache running under Linux! So far, nothing new though, but expect BIIIG changes in the future.
- Haywire